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AIPS Congress elects Executive Committee for new four year term

Also a new AIPS Europe Committee

by Sonja Nikcevic, AIPS Media

PYEONGCHANG, May 12, 2017 - On the final day of the 80th AIPS Congress, elections were held for the news four year term of the Executive Committee (2017- 2021).

AIPS President Gianni Merlo was re-elected for what will be his fourth term, having run for the position of President unopposed. Esat |Yilmaer from Turkey was re-elected for the position of first Vice President, while Jura Ozmec from Croatia was elected unopposed to take over the position of AIPS Treasurer from Austria's Michael Kuhn.

The newly elected AIPS Executive Committee is:

President: Gianni Merlo (Italy)

First Vice President: Esat Yilmaer (Turkey)

Treasurer: Jura Ozmec (Croatia)
Vice Presidents: Evelyn Watta (Kenya), Nikolai Dologopolov (Russia), Ioannis Daras (Greece), Hiji Al Mohammed (Qatar), AIPS Africa President Mitchel Obi(Nigeria), AIPS America President Gabriel Cazenave (Paraguay), AIPS Europe President Charles Camnezuli (Malta)

Seyed Abdolhamid Ahmadi (Iran), Zsuzsa Csisztu (Hungary), Vicente Dattoli (Brazil), Emanuel Fantaneanu (Romania), Hee Don Jung (Korea), Ahmadi Kawari Isa (Malaysia), Josef Langer (Austria), Amjad Amzaz Malik (Pakistan), Morad Moutaouakkil (Morocco), Juan Antonio Prieto (Spain), Jean Paul Savart (France). Hiroshi Takeuchi (Japan), Joze Zidar (Slovenia).

(Photo / Petz Lahure)

Also new AIPS Europe Committee

SEOUL, May 10, 2017 - AIPS Europe kicked off the elective nature of the 80th AIPS Congress on Wednesday, by voting in its new Executive Committee. Former Secretary General Charles Camenzuli, running unopposed, was elected as the new president of the European faction of AIPS, while 11 more Executive positions were filled, including those of Secretary General and Treasurer.

President of the Serbian Sports Press Association Predrag Milinkovic was elected as the new Secretary General, taking the former position of the president, while Turkey’s Murat Agca was reelected as Treasurer for what will be his third mandate.

The newly elected Executive Committee of AIPS Europe consists of:

President: Charles Camenzuli (Malta)

General Secretary: Predrag Milinkovic (Serbia)

Treasurer: Murat Agca (Turkiye)

Members: Gianfranco Coppola (Italy), Michalis Gavrirlides (Cyprus), Dumitru Graur (Romania), Nastassia Marynina (Belarus), Lev Rossoshik (Russia), Michael Schuen (Austria), Gyorgy Szollosi (Hungary), Marc Ventouillac (France) and Sotiris Triantafyllou (Greece).

Following elections at the 2014 AIPS Congress in Baku, AIPS Europe had agreed to shorten the mandate of its Executive Committee to three years instead of four, in order to align its elective year with that of the global body of AIPS.

Malta’s Charles Camenzuli, who takes the place of Yiannis Daras, Greece as the new president of AIPS Europe confirmed that the newly elected EC was ready for the challenges of the next four years.

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