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De Plus and Vakoc injured in South Africa

The two Quick-Step Floors riders are in hospital after being hit by a speeding truck while out training

(26/01/2018 / Quick-Step Floors Media Relations) Quick-Step Floors would like to inform that Laurens De Plus and Petr Vakoc are both in hospital, following an incident that took place on Thursday afternoon, in South Africa, during their daily training ride. The two, together with Bob Jungels, were on the road, when a truck came from behind and hit them, the collision sending them on the tarmac.

The riders – both conscious – were immediately attended by team trainer Koen Pelgrim and soon they were transported to the Mediclinic Nelspruit, where Laurens was diagnosed with multiple abrasions and a minor pulmonary and kidney contusion, as consequence of the crash; the Belgian will be kept under observation, but should be released from the hospital in a few days. Petr was less fortunate, after the scans revealed several fractured vertebrae, which require surgery that will be performed later today.

Bob Jungels described what happened: “The three of us were out training, when suddenly I heard a loud noise and then in the following second I saw Laurens and Petr on the ground. I did not see the truck coming from behind, but it must have hit them with the left front mirror or even the front left part. I ran to them and could see they were injured, so I did not dare to move them. A lady who was on the side of the road came and helped us, calling the ambulance, while our trainer Koen and I talked with them. It was really tough to see them like that and I hope they will get over this difficult moment soon. I wish them a fast recovery.”

The team will release further information on the riders’ condition later. In the meantime, Quick-Step Floors kindly ask you to respect the privacy of the riders and their families, and address any enquiry to the team.

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