(12/03/2022 – info sportspress.lu) The following National Sportspress Associations call upon AIPS to strongly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We also request that the Russian and the Belarussian Sportspress Association distance themselves from these acts of war.

Furthermore we demand that for the time being there is no Russian or Belarussian influence in the decision making process at AIPS, at whatever level (global and continental level, committees, etc.).

We ask that any current Russian and Belarussian members of any AIPS committee be suspended until the AIPS Congress convenes and looks further into this matter.

Sports Media Austria (Austria)
Sportspress.be (Belgium)
Estonian Sports Press Union (Estonia)
Danske Sportsjournalister(Denmark)
Sportwriters Association Finland (Finland)
Georgian Sports Writers Association (Georgia)
Verband Deutscher Sportjournalisten (Germany)
Association of Sports Journalists in Ireland (Ireland)
Lithuanian Sports Journalist Association (Lithuania)
sportspress.lu (Luxembourg)
Asociatia Presei Sportive din Republica Moldova (Moldova)
Nederlandse Sport Pers (Netherlands)
Sportpress.ch (Switzerland)
Norske Sportjournalisters Forbund (Norway)
Svenska Sportjournalist Forbundet (Sweden)
Ukrainian Sports Press Association (Ukraine)

Russian AIPS Vice President Nickolai Dolgopolov steps aside

LAUSANNE, March 4, 2022 (info sportspress.lu /AIPSmedia) – Nickolai Dolgopolov has stepped aside as a vice president of the International Sports Press Association AIPS following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He is the president of the Federation of Sport Journalists of Russia, FSJR.

Dolgopolov, who has served as AIPS vice president since 2001, informed the AIPS president Gianni Merlo of his decision on Friday, March 4, “due to the current political situation”.

Dolgopolov, 73, was first elected as a member of the executive in 1997.

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