LAUSANNE, April 1, 2022 – The AIPS Sport Media Awards are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Writing Best Column category.

The shortlist represents the second judging stage and is based on the most selected works performed by the AIPS Executive Committee members. 

Here are the selected works, in alphabetical order of country.


Nazim Bessol (Algeria), The FIFA Arab Cup: An attack on Saudi Arabia –

Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Diego’s sleeping –

Sebastian Ignacio Torok (Argentina), Kicker, after the dark. The return of the tennis player punished for fixing matches: ‘I was ashamed’ – La Nacion 

Alejandro Wall (Argentina), Maradona, the surname of a country – The Washington Post 

Julian Linden (Australia), Swimming against the tide – The Daily Telegraph 

Robert Livingstone (Canada), BidWeek: The IOC thought they could steal the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and hoped we wouldn’t notice –

Esteban Abarzua (Chile), We are still in debt to Arley – Las Ultimas Noticias

Damian Delgado Averhoff (Cuba), ESPN backlash: Open letter to Canelo Álvarez 2.0 –

Mario Canessa (Ecuador), The pressure: Neither a privilege of Djokovic nor of anyone –

Sohad Elkhodary (Egypt), Execution of an athlete: ‘The website’ opens the persecution and violations file within the para-weightlifting federation –

Ehab Zohdy (Egypt), Women’s football… The missing justice –

Ronny Blaschke (Germany), The hypocrites – Cicero

Patrick Kleinmann (Germany), Trans people in soccer: Where is my space? –

Manos Staramopoulos (Greece), Exclusive interview with K H Rummenigge –

Vandna Vijay (India), Women’s sport in India: An emboldened new generation breaking through barriers –

Anand Vasu (India), Yes, English football fans were a disgrace. But passion’s darker shades aren’t limited to either England or football | IPL plays on as BCCI’s cash cow while India’s Covid-19 crisis worsens – The Guardian / The Times of India

Maryam Navaei (Iran), A chance is lost –

Ciaran O’mahony (Ireland), Have dopers escaped detection during Covid-19 lockdowns? –

Emanuela Audisio (Italy), Those 11 dreamlike minutes – La Repubblica

Pierbattista Bergonzi (Italy), Interview with Pope Francis – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Francesco Paolo Giordano (Italy), How PSG wants to become the most powerful sports brand in the world –

Lorenzo Longhi (Italy), The weight of sports –

Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), Paris-Roubaix must not die – Tageblatt

Haresh Deol (Malaysia), What’s the difference between Hein Htet Aung’s three-finger salute and Malaysia banning Israel from competing in Kuching? – Twentytwo13.ny

Dumitru Garcaliuc (Moldova), How match-fixing ruined football in Moldova –

Anibal Santiago (Mexico), Somayeh Gholami: Taekwondo under the war – Revista Este País

Loanny Picado (Nicaragua), Being a sports journalist in times of dictatorship – Zona de penal

Hasan Elsaadny (Palestine), The Judaization of Palestinian football.. How was theft of the century done? –

Fadi Hijazi (Palestine), For how long will players in Gaza remain ‘just a commodity’? –

Armando Rivarola (Paraguay), Banco de Cartes opens accounts for the Léoz in FIFAgate – ABC Color

Francis Thimsel Ochoa (Philippines), A capacity for greatness –

Sergey Lisin (Russia), CAS full acquitted Russian athletes: Match TV journalist defended the case –

Ebrahim Mousa (Saudi Arabia), Athletes life in danger part 2/2 –

Daniel Gallan (South Africa), Quinton de Kock resolutely stands on the wrong side of history –

Miguel Angel Lara Adán (Spain), On the hunt for the nazi goalkeeper – MARCA

Makhtum Muziransa (Uganda), Women barred from Olympics for being ‘manly’ – Daily Monitor

Oliver Brown (UK), Heading in football must now be on borrowed time – The Daily Telegraph

Steve Menary (UK), Rising popularity of cricket in Europe has led to major match-fixing problems –

Liam Morgan (UK), Threats, a judging cabal and toothpaste tubes: How AIBA corrupted Olympic boxing –

Dan Palmer (UK), Manipulating time and space: Why more people should know about Kaori Icho –

Don Riddell (UK), Navid Afkari: Executed Iranian wrestling star’s voice is everywhere now –

Kate Rowan (UK), Groped, kicked and shown the kitchen: What it’s really like being a woman in rugby – The Telegraph

Hannah Ryan (UK), How misogynoir is oppressing black women athletes –

Isabelle Westbury (UK), Women’s sport is the new currency in town. But it is on all of us to provide long-lasting change –

Paul Fein (USA), Does Djokovic have the perfect game? Sportstar magazine

Dvora Meyers (USA), Why it’s not surprising that Simone Biles cheered for Angelina Melnikova –

Daniel Eguren (Venezuela), Shut up and play – Idioma Fútbol

Jován Pulgarín (Venezuela), Diego Maradona: Do we remember the artist or the chavista? – Elestí

Juan Sayago (Venezuela), The Impala of San Lázaro – Triá

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT – The three remaining voting stages will be conducted by the Jury – 12 respected members from the sport media industry representing the five continents. They will first select the top 10 (finalists) and then the top 3 (podium nominees) 

The final ceremony will take place in May in Europe, date and location still to be confirmed following the evolution of the pandemic.

To know more about the judging method and the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2021, click here.

Stay tuned for the rest of the shortlists!

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