(11/08/2020 – Info sportspress.lu / UEFA) Ci-dessous nous publions en anglais le chapitre “medias” des directives de l’UEFA à appliquer jusqu’à nouvel ordre lors des prochains matchs internationaux (compétitions clubs et équipes nationales).

15. Broadcasters partners, media and technical suppliers 

15.1. General principles 

All companies and their staff present on site must comply with the applicable national/local legislation as well as all requirements of the UEFA Protocol, including the mandatory wearing of masks at all times in the stadium on both MD-1 and MD. 

Where involvement in a match is arranged by UEFA, the companies implicated may be required to submit details of their own protocols, hygiene measures and operating plans, which must be adhered to if not exceeded by the UEFA Protocol. Broadcasters must adhere to any national or local requirements with regard to their operations e.g. use of plexiglass dividers between operator positions. 

The host team must ensure that any companies or staff operating at the stadium are informed of all the local requirements and restrictions, as well as the operational principles of this protocol. The venue HO must ensure that these requirements are respected. 

In principle broadcast and media activities may continue subject to the specifications outlined in this section of the protocol. 

15.2. Staffing, facilities and broadcast positions 

15.2.1. Number of staff onsite 

The numbers of broadcast staff and media attending a match will be decided based on, inter alia: 

• applicable domestic legislation; 

• working spaces available (e.g. in the media tribune) with appropriate hygiene measures; 

• total number of people permitted in the zones as defined in this protocol as well as any limitation on the number people allowed in the stadium under domestic legislation 

15.2.2. Broadcast compound and trucks 

The compound must be arranged in a way that allows sufficient space for the movement of people without congestion e.g. vehicles appropriately spaced apart, creating additional routes or paths to limit any congestion of people. 

15.2.3. Broadcast positions, media and photographers during MD-1 training 

Broadcast staff, media and photographers may be present in the tribunes for the standard pre-agreed open part of any team training session in the stadium, provided that social distancing is strictly maintained. Manned camera positions will, in principle, only be allowed in Zone 2 or Zone 3, however certain standard manned camera positions may be used in Zone 1 (e.g. pitch-side halfway camera, steadicams) provided that they can maintain a 2m distance from the pitch and pitchside technical areas. 

Remote cameras may be installed in any other standard manned indoor or manned pitchside broadcast camera positions normally used at UEFA matches, subject to UEFA’s approval of both the proposed remote camera position and the requested camera usage. 

15.2.4. Broadcast positions during the match 

Manned pitch level camera positions will, in principle, only be allowed in Zone 2; however, certain standard manned camera positions may be used in Zone 1 (e.g. pitch-side halfway camera, steadicams) provided that they can maintain a 2m distance from the technical areas, player warm-up areas and the assistant referee. 

For matches organised by UEFA in the club competition final tournaments, additional solutions for manned pitchside camera positions in Zone 1 may be approved if the camera operators have received negative SARS-CoV-2-RNA test results with 48hrs prior to each match and have worn masks at all times and maintained rigorous social distancing and hygiene measures since being tested. 

Any manned camera positions in Zone 1 must be specifically reviewed with the HO and MD. 

If manned pitchside camera positions cannot be installed in a way that ensures safe distancing requirements at all times, alternative positions may be located in Zone 3 in the tribunes if matches are played without, or with limited spectators. Alternatively, for such camera positions, as well as for all indoor Zone 1 camera positions (e.g. tunnel cameras), remote cameras may instead be installed, subject to UEFA’s approval. 

Pitch reporter positions may be located at pitch level in Zone 2, or in Zone 3 in the tribune, depending on the stadium configuration. 

‘Bench-cams’ i.e. cameras whose primary purpose is to film coach/bench reactions may not be positioned between the benches and therefore solutions must be found using positions outside Zone 1. 

15.2.5. Photographers during the match 

Match photographers are limited to eight at each end of the pitch, four on each side of each goal. They must be in clearly marked positions preferably in Zone 2 behind the pitch perimeter advertising boards, however positions in Zone 3 in the tribunes may also be used if required. There must be a minimum of 2m between each photographer position. 

15.2.6. Media tribune 

The distribution of media in the stands must allow a 2m distance to be maintained. When in operations, commentators are temporarily exempt from the requirement to wear a mask, but must still wear one at all other times. 

15.2.7. Media and photographer working areas 

Media and photographer working areas may be used if enough space is available to allow social distancing (at least 4m2 per person). Food and beverages may be provided if due measures have been taken for their preparation, packaging and distribution. 

15.3. Broadcast and media activities 

15.3.1. Press conferences 

Pre and post-match press conferences may be held as usual. They may either be organised with a video conferencing/remote system or by taking the following physical protection measures: 

• Press conference podium at least 3m from the first row of seats and any photographer positions 

• Separate and exclusive access for the team representatives 

• Number of media who can attend must be adapted so that a 2m distance between each person can be respected at all times 

• Photographer positions must be arranged by the match organiser to ensure a 2m minimum distance between each position and to other media representatives 

All media attendees must wear face masks 

• Recording devices (Dictaphones, mobile phones etc) must not be placed on the press conference podium 

15.3.2. Filming team arrivals 

One manned camera position in a fixed position pre-agreed by UEFA at a minimum of 2m distance from players and team staff routes. If a suitable manned position cannot be identified that allows sufficient distancing from the teams, then a remote camera solution may instead be used subject to UEFA’s approval. 

15.3.3. Pre-match stand ups 

Stand-up positions may be allocated but only in Zone 2 and with at least 2m between the markings of each position. The maximum number of positions available will depend on the stadium configuration. 

The number of persons per position is limited to six per position at any one time (including any interview guest). 

15.3.4. Dressing room filming 

HB cameras and reporters will not be allowed to enter team dressing rooms for filming or pre-match stand-ups. Alternative solutions (e.g. remote cameras) may be considered subject to the approval of UEFA and the relevant team. 

15.3.5. Post-match flash interviews 

Post-match interviews may be organized on/around the pitch in outdoor Zone 1 areas once the teams have left the area, or in a suitable pre-approved indoor location. The allocated area must allow for 4m2 per person. The reporter and camera crew must stay at least 2m from the player at all times. Common sense must prevail in terms of location and access. For example, a player may be asked to leave Zone 1 to access the flash location and if the location is nearby and all contact can be avoided then this is acceptable. An accompanying steward may be considered. All arrangements must be discussed and agreed beforehand between the HB, team representative and UEFA (for all centralised matches). 

15.3.6. Mixed-zones 

Mixed-zones must not be organised to avoid congestion of media representatives as well as to reduce risk of close proximity between teams and the media. 

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