LAUSANNE – Following the immense success of the second edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honored to share the official ranking of the top submissions from each continent across the different categories, as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.

The second edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1746 submissions from 125 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the nine categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting journalism. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.

Below are the top submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from EUROPE, ranked based on the votes of the international Awards jury.

*The list may contain more than ten names in some categories due to ties in the 10th position.


1. Ronny Blaschke (Germany), Football women – Critical voices of a minority – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

2. Luka Petric (Slovenia), Luka Dončić: Becoming Wonderboy – RTV Slovenija, Radio Slovenija, Val 202

3. Emma Holmsen (Sweden), When Ewy Rosqvist was the steering wheel master – Radiosporten

4. Pablo Juanarena (Spain), Boxkampf –

5. Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe (United Kingdom), Sliding doors | Kilometre 0 – The Cycling Podcast

6. Stefan Berndl (Austria), Frauen im Sportjournalismus: “Ein Eldorado an Sexismen” – Kurier

7. Isabelle Langé (France), A medal, a story: Marie-José Pérec – RTL

8. Szilárd Szabó (Hungary), Carl Lewis interview – Kossuth Rádió

9. Jose David Isabel Lopez (Spain), Venezuela: Crisis a ojos del fútbol – El Enganche

10. Richard Moore, Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe (United Kingdom), Lunch with Jonathan Vaughters – The Cycling Podcast


1. Roman Vondrouš (Czech Republic), Horse Racing – Czech News Agency

2. Sergey Kivrin (Russia), Nomad Games. Gedebey, Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan Airlines Magazine

3. Justin Setterfield (United Kingdom), Road cycling portfolio of images from around the world – Getty Images     

4. Stefan Wermuth (Switzerland), Portfolio – Several – Reuters, AFP, BernerZeitung BZ        

5. Alexander Hassenstein (Germany), Dohas Track and Field – Getty Images

6. Moritz Mueller (Germany), Dancing –

7. Patrick B. Kraemer (Switzerland), Aquatics – EPA European Pressphoto Agency  

8. Julian Finney, (United Kingdom), Sport – Getty Images  

9. Lorraine O’Sullivan (Ireland), Horsing Around – The Irish Field &   

10. Franck Fife (France), Titan desert – AFP 


1. Norbert Schmidt (Germany), Nothing can stop me – Kicker Online

2. Juergen Feichter (Austria), Star Wars – EXPA Pictures

3. Rodrigo Jimenez Torrellas (Spain), The tackles – Agencia EFE-EPA on

4. Franck Fife (France), Dune – AFP

5. Domenic Aquilina (Malta), Messi! EPA Frankfurt on Vesti-Online

6. Vincent Riemersma (The Netherlands), Sunrise Peloton – Algemeen dagblad

7. Anke Waelischmiller (Germany), Tongue out – Fotoagentur Sven Simon

8. Dario Belingheri (Italy), Fan zone – Bettiniphoto

9. François-Xavier Marit (France), Artistic swimming In-depth perspective – AFP Forum

10. Kirill Kudryavtsev (Russia), Close-up – AFP


1. Ben Unger (Germany), Pelé from Neubrandenburg – NDR TV

2. Claus Frederiksen (Denmark), The Gold Jacket – From Struer to Hall of Fame – Nordisk Film Cinemas and TV 2 Sport Denmark

3. Stuart Pollitt (United Kingdom), The Making of Tommy Fleetwood – BBC 2

4. Viktor Tihany (Hungary), Mum, the Champion – MTVA, M4 Sport

5. Ivo Costa (Portugal), Mar Sonoro – Sport TV – Portugal

6. Edin Mahmuljin (Croatia), Andrej Kramaric – Croatian Radio and Television (HRT)

7. Ekaterina Dolfin (Russia), Dmitry Pavlov, the bionic bodyguard – MATCH TV

8. Marc Willems (Belgium), Portrait of 400m runner Cynthia Bolingo (after silver at EIC Glasgow) – VRT-SPORZA

9. Anthony Diao (France), En République Tchèque avec Lukas Krpalek –


1. Stuart Pollitt (United Kingdom), The Kennedy who changed the world – BBC       

2. Sandy Mair (United Kingdom), COPA90 ‘Derby Days Superclásico – The biggest game of all time’ – COPA90

3. Benoit Pensivy (France), Home Field Advantage – La Chaine L’Equipe      

4. André Keil (Germany), Kraftakt – NDR-Fernsehen 

5. Louis Myles (United Kingdom), Kaiser! The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football – Movistar

6. Joanna Lester (United Kingdom), Power Meri (Powerful Women) – Vimeo

7. Barys Hersten (Belarus), Barys Hersten – Cycle of documentary televisions about Olympic history – ONT TV Company

8. Philipp Sohmer (Germany), Monetics instead of morals – as the FIFA boss sells football – ARD

9. Jonathan Van Den Burg (The Netherlands), The mystery of the missing box – Andere Tijden Sport

10. Aljoscha Pause (Germany), Inside Borussia Dortmund – ARD, Das Erste, Erstes Deutsches Fernsehen


1. Basile Roze (France), Legends live on: Matthias Steiner – Olympic Channel

2. Diego Vivanco (Spain), Modern Football – Sombrero

3. Giulia Bassi (Italy), Happy Birthday Sic: Dad Paolo tells about Marco Simoncelli –

4. Andrew Binner (United Kingdom), Ramla Ali: The Somali boxer who escaped war to become a champion – Olympic Channel

5. David Bertrand (Belgium), Armand Marchant – The revenant – RTBF

6. Claus Hoefling (Germany), Liverpool FC – Nutrition on a “world-class” level –

7. Novella Calligaris (Italy), The magic of sport – Rainews24

8. Pirmin Styrnol (Germany), Then his life becomes easy – Special Olympics athlete Hartmut Freund – SWR Fernsehen

9. Patrick Sung Cuadrado (Spain), In Her Shoes: A footballer’s life – CNN International

10. Carlota Velasco (Spain), Running with the world’s best long-distance athletes – Antena 3 Noticias


1. Suzanne Wrack (United Kingdom), ‘There was blood everywhere’: the abuse case against the Afghan FA president – The Guardian

2. Jeremy Wilson (United Kingdom), France rocked by the tragic cost of rugby’s safety crisis – The Daily Telegraph

3. Tom Rostance (United Kingdom), Michael Dunlop: The man who lost a brother, father & uncle to biking, but races on – BBC Sport

4. James Masters (United Kingdom), My father buried his parents and sister with his bare hands…He had to dig the grave himself – CNN International

5. Jean-Michel Brochen (France), Fashanu, l’icone et les démons (Fashanu, the icon and the demons) – Le Magazine L’Equipe

6. Adrian Engel (Austria), In the cellar – DATUM – Seiten der Zeit

7. Matthias Fiedler (Germany), A gateway to life – Der Spiegel

8. Ron Walker (United Kingdom), How Lucas’ Champions League dream became reality – Sky Sports

9. Nick Hoult (United Kingdom), Courage, unity, respect. The inside story of how England became the World’s best cricket team – The Daily Telegraph

10. Patrick Jennings (United Kingdom), The remarkable Mr Vokrri: Kosovo’s football rise – BBC Sport


1. Carlos Matallanas (Spain), Letter to Rafael Nadal – AS

2. Marco Knippen (The Netherlands), Dare to look in the mirror, Sifan – Holland Media Combinatie

3. Matthew Campelli (United Kingdom), Sport must take the concerns and values of young people seriously to remain relevant – The Sustainability Report

4. Sergey Lisin (Russia), Crimea is ours, but run for Ukraine is better. And using doping also –

5. Slavko Jeric (Slovenia), What we can learn from Lindsey Vonn’s story and which part we’re not ready to accept? – RTV Slovenija

6. Oliver Brown (United Kingdom), Blameless champion finds herself on trial again – The Daily Telegraph, UK

7. Petz Lahure (Luxembourg), The boxer from Auschwitz – Der Boxer von Auschwitz – Tageblatt

8. Atilla Turker (Turkey), Atilla Türker wrote: Fikret Orman and obscure works…Atilla Türker – Ajans Spor

9. Lucian Oprea (Romania), Requiem for two monuments – Davis Cup and Fed Cup, stricken by dangerous reforms –

10. Francisco Cabezas (Spain), The chrome of Trifon Ivanov – El Mundo


 1. Ivan Boyanov (Bulgaria), The King below Zero Degrees – BTV

2. Florina Ivanova (Bulgaria), Mission “Golden Girl” – bTV Media Group

3. Stipe Antonijević (Croatia), The story of Wembley – NOVA TV

4. Jasper Taylor (United Kingdom), Jasper Taylor – Sky Sports News Anchor – Sky Sports News

5. Patricija Babrauskaitė (Lithuania), Raising the awareness of elite sport conditions on #RoadToTokyo2020 – TV3 Television

6. Alejandro Martín (Spain), Entrevista a Héctor Fernández –


1. Mattia Ozbot (Italy), Lights and shadows – Mattia Ozbot Photography

2. Lukas Schulze (Germany), Golden celebration – The SUN

3. Ricardo Hernández (Spain), Just fly –

4. Andrej Galica (Slovakia), On the bench – Hockey Slovakia (Slovak ice hockey federation)

5. Alex Whitehead (United Kingdom), Road cycling World Championships, Innsbruck – Canadian Cycling Magazine

6. Jan Homolka (Czech Republic), Water is my favourite element – Instagram

7. Stas Volkov (Russia), Winter Universiade 2019 – Young Reporters Programme

8. Inmaculada Flores (Spain), Euphoria – El Pais

9. Clara Echarri (France), Lightning fast – Twitter, Instagram

10. Johannes Paul Tamm (Estonia), Time for celebration –


1. Mažvydas Laurinaitis (Lithuania), Famous Lithuanian trainer accused of sexual harassment –

2. Ben Morse (United Kingdom), The world’s first LGBT cricket club, Graces, finding acceptance in ‘gentleman’s game’ – CNN International

3. Kobe Tong (United Kingdom), Annie Tagoe: The athlete who lost everything to injuries, skin bleaching and depression – GiveMeSport

4. Anne Armbrecht (Germany), “See, it won’t work!” – Süddeutsche Zeitung

5. Melissa Velvel Fare (Vanuatu), Shoes are not the reason why we win”: Vanuatu woman wins half marathon in socks – Pacific Games News Service

6. Anthony Audureau (France), Je prie pour que ce ne soit pas le seul match que je puisse voir dans un stade –

7. Sam Dean (United Kingdom), Complex and controversial: In search of the real Ozil – The Daily Telegraph

8. George Ramsay (United Kingdom), Unable to speak after fracturing his larynx, Cornell du Preez feels ‘blessed’ to play again – CNN

9. Stewart Said (Malta), I feel that I did the right thing that I said no but for them the most important is to report – Il Mument

10. Ciarán Kennedy (Ireland), ‘We are reaching out to let them know they are welcome and part of our society’ – The Irish Examiner

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